Why ClearComm?

*Clear Communication isn’t just about communicating with others.  It’s also about how you communicate with yourself.

Communication skills have always been important to me, as has self-improvement, and getting more done in less time.  When you focus on improving yourself you are sending a powerful message at the same time, that you are giving it your all, willing to put in the work, and can wait to reap the rewards of your labor.

*ClearComm is the overriding philosophy of these three disciplines; Self-Improvement, Productivity, and Communication.  Although appearing different at first, they are really three legs on the same stool.  Communication is the programming language for getting things done, whether it be internally or externally.

*Clear Communication is:

  • Positive, rather than negative
  • Actionable, never passive
  • Thoughtful, not reactionary
  • Consistent, instead of sporadic
  • Progressive, and not regressive

It is the bringing to bear of all of our considerable powers towards improvement of self, improvement of communication skills in order to better effect others, and ultimately the improvement in our quality of life as a result.

We will drill down into specifics of planning, time management, conflict resolution, and more.  These are all important topics but are still only parts of the whole; that being our lives, the service we provide, and the value we give to ourselves and others.

*ClearComm is a program, a philosophy, a method, and a statement.  It works to bring light to the darkness and clarity to the unclear.

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