The Way of the Seal by Mark Devine

A look at the habits and processes used by SEALS for developing exceptional mental toughness, and for pushing past limits.  Leadership development.
Key Points
  • Leadership isn’t a set of skills or collection of behaviors.  It is Character.  Develop that and your leadership skills follow suit.
  • Start by making a stand – the articulation of your character.  This is your line in the sand.
  • Find your purpose.  Your stand answers What would I do?  Your purpose answers Why am I here?
  • Front site focus.  Engage one target at a time and don’t shift your focus until it is dispatched
  • KISS.  First declutter your surroundings, then your commitments, finally your internal state.
  • Communicate the mission by telling stories.
  • Do today what others won’t.  Find your 20x factor
  • Embrace the suck.  Acknowledge the pain then focus on the benefits it will bring.
  • 3 kinds of challenges; requiring sustained effort, benchmark performance, crucible experience
  • Solid character habits define a solid character
  • Set SMART goals and review focus plan daily.
  • Break things and Fail Forward Fast
  • Break inertia with decisive action.
  • Relaxed awareness vs focused awareness
  • Stomach is known as the little brain due to thousands of receptors.  Pay attention to it.
  • Practice authentic communication
  • Slow is smooth, smooth is fast
  • Future me visualization and mental dirt diving (visualize success at a task and think through all possible outcomes)
  • Box breathing to shut off stress and maintain focus
  • Still waters run deep
  • DIRECT.  Detect, Interdict (Stop! No!! etc), Redirect (short internal dialogue focussing on positive), Energize ( visualization and body language.  Gorilla up!), Communicate (mantra), Train (practice daily)
  • What dog are you feeding?  Fear dog or courage dog?
  • Silver lining
  • Yellow alert
  • Kim game
  • Mind gym for visualization practice, intuition

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