The Only Two People You Communicate With

During the course of your entire life there are only two people that you will communicate with.

Seems improbable but it’s true; even if you spoke with dozens of people today and thousands this year.  The rule still applies.

[blockquote]The only two people you communicate with are yourself… and everybody else[/blockquote]

Both types of communication are extremely important, but require different strategies.


My favorite self talk analogy talks about your brain being the computer, and your self talk being the programming.  The performance you get out is only as good as the instructions you are putting in, so it is imperative that your self talk is positive.

I always take note when somebody says “I’m not good at….”   Fill in the blank.  Realistically it isn’t that they are bad at whatever it is they can’t do, it’s that they have never applied themselves to actually learning the skill.  And by constantly repeating that they are bad at it the brain programs itself to reinforce that attitude.

While studies have shown that positive visualization doesn’t necessarily get you the result you are looking for, it helps to have a 3 second mantra as your “core program”.  Think of it as your own personal catch phrase; something that instills confidence.   Something like:

[blockquote]Looking good, feeling good, outta be in Hollywood![/blockquote]

Repeat this to yourself whenever it is “Go Time” and ensure that you are in the right mind frame.

Everybody Else

The second person you communicate to… is everybody else.

When communicating with others there are three things that you need to control, if you are going to control the message:

What you say – Words have power so you need to choose the right words to convey the right message.

How you say it – Tone, speed, inflection.  All of these have a big impact on how your message is received.

Body Language – Congruity between what you are saying verbally and what you are projecting non-verbally is important.

Make sure that you get your point across properly by ensuring that your delivery matches your message.

Which do have more difficulty with?  Communicating with yourself?  Or everybody else?


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