*ClearComm is the result of studying various communication pathways and developing actionable techniques for use in your personal and business life.  Leveling up your interpersonal skills has far-reaching benefits, such as increased confidence, higher productivity, and better relationships.  It can result in greater accomplishments at work while also giving you the tools to help defuse conflict situations.

The main focus here is on the following paths of Communication.  Each is interconnected with the rest, yet specific enough to be studied individually.  Here some article recommendations to get you started down the road to *Clear Communications.

Reading and Writing

Books (and the internet) hold the sum of all human knowledge.  With them you can learn just about anything.  The ability to process information quickly and efficiently is key skill to acquire if you are going to excel.

Intimately tied to the act of reading, writing is the the skill of communicating clearly using the written word.  This can take any form from books to emails, letters to reports.  With more and more people’s work becoming knowledge based rather than skill based, *Clear Writing is a must have skill to needed to excel in today’s workplace.

Interpersonal Communication

This area focuses on the skills of both verbal and non-verbal communication.  What you say is important, but it is how you say it that delivers the true message.  And sometimes it is what you don’t say that communicates the most information.  By modeling people that are excellent communicators we can improve our own skills and ensure our message is received.


Broader topics are covered by the *ClearComm umbrella.  These include articles on such topics as leadership, public speaking, and self-improvement.  The focus here is on teamwork and project management, while communicating effectively in a business environment.

Get Involved!

Communication is a two way street.  I encourage you to get involved in the conversation in the comments section of the articles, or contact me privately with your input.  Your feedback is needed in order to improve the quality of articles and to develop the ideas presented here.  I cross post these articles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium, and Twitter, so if you prefer one of those then you can leave your comments there.

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