Pick Up The Phone

If you want to get something done – you need to pick up the phone.

Sending text messages or emails to make something happen is a delaying tactic that I realize I’ve used for years. You need to do something so you send a message, thereby creating the illusion of progress. But in actuality you are putting off the hard choice or difficult decision.

The message you sent will end up bouncing back and forth in the ether and the result you are looking for will take days to accomplish, rather than minutes.

People respond well to one on one interactions. The result of our ever-connected society is that we are less connected than ever. A voice on the other end of the line is a welcome respite to the pile of emails and messages we now deal with on a daily basis.

A phone call also pushes your agenda to the top of the pile, as it can’t be ignored or delayed like an email can. They either answer or they don’t.

Emails are great for solidifying what was discussed on the phone and for sharing information, but when you need something done it is time to pick up the phone.

2 thoughts on “Pick Up The Phone

  1. yes, I can think of multiple occasions when I’ve gone the email route and the worst type is the shotgun email to everyone that nobody feels any obligation to act on; less guilty of that one

  2. Totally agree on that brother! Its all about being personal…and they only way to get that is by voice…! In my line of work, theres ALOT of emails going around and to be honest i too myself tend to shrug/hang on to the task at hand! Good article! Hope all is well with you and your family!!!

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