January 2017 – Progress Report

It has been 28 days since posting my Goals for 2017 so I wanted to take stock and see what kind of progress was made so far.  It has been shown that reviewing your goals on a regular basis helps you to achieve them, so I’ll be performing a quick review near the end of each month.

I’ve had a busy month at work and was away from home for the past three weeks.  On one hand this allows some personal time to work towards my goals, but on the other hand the work load requires major focus and long days.  But in the end I feel that the month ended on a net positive.

To recall, I’ve set goals across three categories; healthy, wealthy, and wise.  Let’s see how I did!


Goal No. 1 – Run the Houston Marathon

I definitely made some solid progress in this direction!  Not only was I one of the first people to register for the race in 2018, I also registered for my first 5k run at the end of next month!  I’ll be running in the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope on February 26th.

For those that don’t know, Terry Fox is a Canadian icon who attempted to run across the country after losing his leg to cancer.  I will be posting an article about him in February.  If you would like to donate to the cause please click here.  You can search my name and support my run.

I also spent 2 weeks running barefoot on a beach in Louisiana, which definitely strengthened my feet.

Goal No. 2 – Get to 180lbs. – The funny thing about this goal is that I don’t have a scale and haven’t had access to one all year!  But I was pushing 200 when I started so it’ll be easy to tell later on if I make it.  My clothes seem to be fitting well so it seems to be going good.

Goal No. 3 – Resistance Training 3x/Wk. – This is also going well, having only missed one session so far.  And that was due to an 18 hour day at work so I’m not going to fret over that one.


Goal No. 1 – Develop an Industry Paper – While I didn’t write any words towards it, I did come up with two ideas that I think are winners.  I’ll be expanding on these next month so am satisfied that I’m moving in the right direction.

Goal No. 2 – Save $50/month – The plan was to save for a watch that I’d like to get in December.  This has shifted slightly as I’m getting my Dad’s pocket watch restored and it’ll be as much, if not more expensive to do.  Which is fine.

Unfortunately I missed the goal this month due to reoccurring website fees that I hadn’t considered.  I’ll get it back next month.

Goal No. 3 – Car Customization – I’ll be dropping this one as I realize now that it isn’t Realistic; one of the criteria of SMART Goals.  I’ll still do what I can but I’m not going to set a timeline to it.


Goal No. 1 – Publish an Article Every Week – So far so good!  I’ll admit that the last few have been conceived and written on the due date, but this doesn’t take away from the fact that they are getting done.  I’ve got some ideas for multi-part articles to post next month and will need to write more to make it happen.

Goal No. 2 – Learn Spanish – This is going great.  I’ve reached lesson number 23 out of 25 on my Synergy Spanish lessons and my comprehension is improving.  I’ve also been adding sentences from that course into Quizlet for practice during the day when I have a few minutes.

Goal No. 3 – 12 Months of Modernism – I finished For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway this month and it was a great read.  I’ll admit that it was a little slow starting, but once I got past some of the dated language I found it to be an engaging story with excellent writing.

As a bonus I found a tattered old copy of the book I’ll be reading next month while on a ship!  The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck is Februaries selection.  It was published in 1939 and won a Pulitzer prize – so you know it’s good!

How about you?

Are you another step closer to reaching your goals this month, or did you fall off the wagon?  Perhaps some of your goals need to be modified based on new information?  Remember, it is a work in progress and it is okay to make some changes along the way.  Just so long as you keep your eye on the end goal.

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