You may have noticed a distinct lack of posts over the previous month.  The fact is that I have been extremely busy with work; many late nights and early mornings.  The little free time remaining then goes to my family and marathon training.  The hierarchy of priorities in practice.

While I’m a little disappointed that I won’t reach my goal of posting every week this year, I am happy to have been able to write as much as I have, and to have had such a great response.

This time off has given me time to examine what I am trying to accomplish here.  The website has been a great outlet for me however I have decided that I am going to take a step back. I’m not going to stop posting entirely; just posting less.

I have a couple of projects lined up for the new year that I probably would have started already had I not been working to meet my publishing schedule.  The weekly practice has been excellent but it is time to create something… bigger.

Thank you everyone for reading and your support.  While I will be posting less it is in favor of bigger and better things.  And when those are ready you will all be the first to know.

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