Core Tenets

Why *ClearComm?  What is it about communication that gets me up early to write every day?

It’s because I believe that strong communication skills are the most valuable thing we can teach ourselves.  It is these skills that will propel us through life, clearing our path, righting our wrongs, and making us better people.

The opposite is miscommunication, which is a quiet form of chaos.  I have traveled the world over and have seen big and small miscomm’s destroy lives and relationships.  I’ve known a man who died because of poor communication, and know another who accidentally killed somebody for that same reason.

We need to elevate and empower each other and the only way to do this is by communicating; with our voices, the signals we give off, with our writing.  We need to use our words.

In business, as in life, clear instructions are vital to successfully completing what we set out to do.  Yet time and time again I witness the confusion and poor organization that stems from unclear communication.  Unrealistic timelines that mobilize people early and have them stay late.  That have supplies arrive after the ship has already sailed.  That sounds good to upper management but is totally achievable by those at the sharp end of the operation.  These issues cost companies untold millions yet could all be solved by the simple act of talking to one another in a clear and organized fashion.

Why does this happen time and time again?  How can companies sacrifice all of that hard earned money over something as simple as asking a question, or not communicating unrealistic expectations.

I’m not perfect.  Sometimes I’ll my attention will wander, or I’ll neglect to speak with everyone that needs to be involved.  But that is why I write this; to continuously improve.  To remind myself of why it is important and what’s at stake.

The principles of *Clear Communication can be narrowly defined with the following core tenets:

  • Always be communicating
  • Involve the right people…
  • …at the right time
  • When somebody is speaking – Listen
  • If you don’t know – Ask

And above all else; have confidence.  Confidence in yourself and in your systems.  Put in the work to improve and you will see the results reverberate through your life, just as I have.


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