My Background

I am a writer, a traveler, and a business professional.  My mission is to excel at every task I set and to help others do the same.  To that end I’m always working to learn and refine techniques that will allow the greatest return on time invested, and provide the most leverage.  I believe that we can all squeeze more productive work out of each day while simultaneously freeing up the time required to ensure a balanced, full life.

As a kid, I was a big reader; a trait that continues to this day.  Always dreaming of travel and adventure, my defining moment came when presented with the opportunity to join the crew of the SV Concordia and sail with them around the world.  It was the moment I had been waiting my entire life for; it was my Call to Action.

I ran away to sea.

Prior to that moment I was rudderless.  Now with a course charted I began to apply focused pressure and built a career in the marine industry.  From deckhand through to Master Mariner and now Marine Consultant, I continue to be driven by a love of travel and the type of challenges that only the marine industry can provide.

Working at sea and in the board room requires self-sufficiency, focus, and excellent communication skills.  I have been studying and thinking about how to best serve as a leader and perform at a high level for twenty years.  It turns out that the lessons are simple, but applying them isn’t always easy.

Life is all about communication; how you communicate with yourself, and how you communicate with others.

This is the key skill to leverage that will provide the greatest returns on everything you do, and is at the core of everything I write.

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