Hi, I’m Sean

I write about self-improvement, productivity, and communications.  This is based on studies of great authors and communicators, as well as first hand lessons learned while traveling the world by sea.

Writing, public speaking, negotiations, leadership, and communicating effectively – these are some of the skills needed to play at the top of the game. Developing these skills require you to grow personally and professionally through a program of continuous self-improvement, which in turn requires next level productivity skills to ensure that the important work is being done.

Communication is at the center of it all; how you communicate with yourself, and how you communicate with others.  This is the key skill to leverage that will provide the greatest returns on everything you do, and is at the core of what I study and write about here.

My goal here is to produce actionable advice that has been tested in the field.  

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A Little More About Me

I’ve worked at sea since I was 18 years old and travel the world by water to this day.  As a vessel’s Master, communication skills are very important, for speaking up the chain to those you report to, and down the chain to those under your command.  Studying ways to do this effectively  has always been important to me and now I write to share what I’ve learned, and to clarify my own thoughts on the subject.

You can learn more about me HERE.